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Box Office Fitness

10 3-minute rounds of 🔥 fire🔥, split between the floor and our water-filled Aqua training bags. Our class features high-intensity boxing-inspired cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and metabolic conditioning. All in just 45 minutes. 

It's so much more than just a workout - it's SO. MUCH. FUN. and also makes you feel 100% like a badass🐴 😜  Our nightclub quality sound system and lights make sure that you're not only motivated and giving it your all but that you're also having the best time doing it. 

Our trainers will lead you and guide you through everything from start to finish to make sure that you're reaching your personal best and having loads of fun. 

Now let's get you ready for class! 

What you'll need

Gym shoes 

Gym clothes

Boxing Wraps 

Boxing Gloves 



We provide complimentary glove and towel rentals and sell boxing wraps and water at the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. 

what you need to know



This is your distance measurer. It measures the distance between you and your opponent (in this case, the bag!) and sets you up for your power punches. 

Fully extend your lead hand from your jaw and slightly rotate your wrist so that your palm faces the ground. Keep this punch fast and snappy so once you hit your target, bring your fist right back to protect your jaw. Always remember that the powerful punches come from putting your entire body into the punch, so get your power from the ground up. 



This is your power punch. Shoot your back hand forward, full extension in your arm, slight rotation in your wrist. Transfer your weight from your back leg to your front leg, pivot on your back leg and lean forward very slightly. As you pivot on your back leg, rotate your hips and torso and extend your arm towards the target at the same time. Again, keep this punch snappy. Hit your target and bring your fist right back to your face. 

#3 & #4 PUNCH


Catch your opponent off guard with your hooks. Your #3 punch is your front hook. Elbows are shoulder height at a 90-degree angle. Palms can face you or the ground. Pivot off your front leg as you turn your whole body into the punch. 

Your #4 punch is your back hook. Same thing as your #3 punch, but this time you pivot from your back foot instead of your front foot. 

Aim for the sides of the bag and always remember that your other hand is nice and tight at your chin protecting your jaw.  

#5 & #6 PUNCH 


With an opponent, these shots mostly land under the chin. Our bags were made for these punches, so aim to stab the underside of the bags.

Arm is at a 90-degree angle, but this time your palm is facing your face. Transfer weight to your front leg for your front hook and drive your punch through the underside of your bag. Same thing for your back hook, just that your weight is now on your back foot. 

Box Office Fitness


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